TPC Training Block Purchase Program

If you need training for your team on a variety of topics over time or in multiple locations, consider our Block Purchase Program. Simply pre-purchase a block of training days to receive the block discount shown below.

These training days can be applied to any public seminars at any location or through virtual instructor-led training (VILT) for up to 12 months. Unused funds can be applied toward any other TPC Training purchase, including private group training.


Block Purchase Program Discounts

5% off - 20 days of training for $11,350 total and save $600.

10% off - 40 days of training for $21,500 total and save $2,400.

15% off - 60 days of training for $30,470 total and save $5,380.


Terms and Conditions

Standard pricing is $1,195 per 2-day session for all training classes. Your training days may be applied to any combination of our one, two, three, or four-day seminars. Changes or substitutions of students and classes are allowed at any time. You will be provided with an account number that will allow employees to call and register themselves. Registrations must be used within 12 months from the purchase date.

Payment by check or credit card for the full amount of the Block Purchase Plan is required before registering for your first class. Payment must be made in US dollars.


Sign Up: Please contact us to set up your program today.


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