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Systematic Approach to Troubleshooting an HVAC System

When air conditioning and refrigeration systems are not cooling properly, it is important for the HVAC technician to get it up and running quickly and efficiently. Join TPC for this free 1-hour public webinar all about the systematic approach for troubleshooting HVAC systems. Topics include:

• Understanding temperature and pressure readings

• Determining superheating and subcooling and interpreting results

• Common scenarios and how to fix them

Download PDF for Systematic Approach to Troubleshooting an HVAC System

Recorded June 3rd, 2021


What is 3-Phase Electrical Power?

The term “3-phase” is used often in commercial and industrial applications, but the term is commonly misunderstood. Join TPC for this free public 1-hour webinar, where we will break down 3-phase power and how it works. Topics discussed include:

- Why do we use 3-phase power in today’s society? What are its benefits?
- How is 3-phase power transmitted and conducted through cities and facilities?
- How to understand multimeter readings on wires in a 3-phase electrical panel
- A brief overview of 3-phase terminology, such as power factor and kVA ratings

Download PDF for What is 3-Phase Power?

Recorded May 6th, 2021


Understanding How to Read a Pump Curve

When understanding the specifications of a pump, it’s important to understand how to read a pump curve and its application to your operation. Join TPC for this free public 1-hour webinar about how to read and interpret pump curves. Topics discussed include:

- Breakdown of terminology seen in a pump curve: HP, GPM, pump head, efficiency, etc.
- Understanding the relation between different specifications on the pump curve
- Running a few scenarios with assessing pumps based on its pump curve

Download PDF for How to Read a Pump Curve

Recorded April 8th, 2021


Fundamentals of Solar Photovoltaic Systems

Join TPC for this free public 1-hour webinar about the basics of solar photovoltaic systems for commercial and residential use. In this session we will discuss:

- The process of converting the sun’s energy to electrical energy
- Understanding amps, volts, watts, and efficiency in the perspective of solar installations
- Overview of best practices for maintenance and care of solar photovoltaic panels

Download PDF for Fundamentals of Solar Photovoltaic Systems

Recorded March 25th, 2021


Understanding Generator Ratings and Safety Labeling

Join TPC for this free public 1-hour webinar about how to properly interpret the ratings of your generator's nameplate as well as important safety labeling found on generators. In this session we will discuss:

- Understanding the unique manufacturer codes a generator nameplate contains.
- Detailed explanation of mandated information on the generator nameplate.
- Discuss other important safety labels provided by the manufacturer.

Download PDF for Understanding Generator Ratings

Recorded March 11th, 2021


Intro to PLC Programming

Join TPC Training on this complimentary webinar as we introduce some of the principles and rules to follow in programming Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs).  

Recorded February 25th, 2021


Understanding How a Boiler Works: The Basics

Many commercial and industrial organizations operate boilers in their buildings. It's important for the organization to have a grasp of how their boiler systems work so they can maintain and troubleshoot them. Join TPC Training for this free public webinar as we discuss the fundamentals of a boiler system. We will discuss:

• Breakdown of the basic working components of a boiler system

• Understanding boiler terminology

• Understanding how steam flows in a system

• Different types of boilers

Download PDF for Understanding How a Boiler Works: The Basics

Recorded February 11th, 2021


OSHA Injury & Illness Annual Recordkeeping Criteria for 2020

Once again it's time for employers to compile their injury and illness data in accordance with OSHA’s recordkeeping compliance requirements. Does your company fall under these mandates and do you know what specific information you are required to record and report? This webinar will address the following topics:

- Overview of OSHA’s 1904 recordkeeping regulation
- Severe injury reporting requirements
- Completion and maintenance of OSHA 300, 300A & 301 forms
- Electronic submission of records
- COVID-19 guidance

Download PDF for OSHA Injury & Illness Annual Recordkeeping Criteria for 2020

Recorded January 28th, 2021


The 2021 NFPA 70E Standard: Highlight of the Changes

The new NFPA 70E standard is here. Since NFPA 70E applies to all individuals working on electrical circuits, it is very important to be kept aware of changes. Join TPC Training for this free public webinar where we will give an overview of some of the changes in the standard in preparation for your next official electrical safety training class.  

Download PDF for The 2021 NFPA 70E Standard: Highlight of the Changes

Recorded January 14th, 2021

Crash Course On How To Read Electrical Schematics

Electrical schematics are one of the most important tools for any electrical worker looking to troubleshoot and understand their electrical systems. Having the skills to understand symbols and logic in an electrical diagram can save valuable time and man-hours on the job. Join TPC Training for this free public webinar crash course on electrical schematics on how to read them. We will discuss: 

- Common electrical schematic symbols
- Overview of electrical terminology
- Understanding Normally Open vs. Normally Closed on a schematic
- Review of European vs. North American schematic features
- Introduction to ladder diagrams for control circuits
- Using technology to gain hands-on experience in a virtual environment

Download PDF for Crash Course On How To Read Electrical Schematics

Recorded December 17th, 2020

How to Train Outside of the Classroom: On-the-job and Machine-specific Training in the 21st Century

It's important to remember that learning does not end when you leave the training classroom! In today's 21st-Century environment, technicians have access to more information and support systems outside of the classroom than ever before. Join TPC Training during this free public webinar, where we will discuss the best ways for technicians to continue learning throughout their careers. We will discuss:
- Using centralized platforms to troubleshoot and train on machines
- Using electronic forms for on-the-job training and skills verification
- Microlearning at the moment of need
- Using technology to gain hands-on experience in a virtual environment

Download PDF for How to Train Outside of the Classroom

Recorded December 3rd, 2020

How to Use Blended Learning in a Constantly Changing Workplace

When it comes to building technical skills, different people learn in different ways. And in many cases, the conditions of our workplace may compel us to consider more flexible learning options for our employees. What’s the right mix of formal learning, on-the-job learning, and skills verification? How can these be delivered reliably? In this free public webinar, join TPC Training as we discuss how to build a training path that can address different learning styles, but also offer flexibility for times and locations.

Download PDF for How to Use Blended Learning in a Constantly Changing Workplace

Recorded November 19th, 2020

Where Troubleshooting and Training Come Together: Using Software to Efficiently Understand Machines and Processes

When troubleshooting a machine or process that has broken down, many organizations struggle to quickly find issues and address them, resulting in long periods of costly downtime. Similarly, when training on-the-job, technicians rarely document best practices when passing knowledge to their colleagues. Thankfully, there are software solutions available in the 21st century that can streamline how we troubleshooting and train on our machines. Join TPC Training on this free public webinar as we discuss how to use software to:

- Locate and interact with machine schematics in real-time
- Find part numbers, settings, and specs on any machine component in real-time
- Pinpoint areas for troubleshooting quickly and efficiently
- Onboard new technicians quickly on the operation of the machine or process

Download PDF for When Training and Troubleshooting Come Together

Recorded November 5th, 2020

The Systematic Approach to Troubleshooting

The term "troubleshooting" is a central part of almost any technical career, whether it be maintenance, operations, or engineering. However, the process of troubleshooting can vary greatly from place to place. Join TPC Training on this free public webinar as we discuss a systematic troubleshooting approach that can be used any time you troubleshoot, regardless of whether it's on electrical systems, mechanical systems, HVAC, or operational. We will discuss:

- What are the key things to think about when troubleshooting?

- What are some common mistakes made during the troubleshooting process?

- What steps can we take without needing to exposed to hazards?

- Some applications of the troubleshooting process

Download PDF for The Systematic Approach to Troubleshooting

Recorded October 22nd, 2020

Enhanced Workforce Development with TPC Fusion

TPC Training is proud to unveil TPC Fusion, our brand-new comprehensive workforce management platform. Join us for a free public webinar session where we will discuss the new features of our system and what it can do to drive training and performance within your organization. Topics include:

- Setting up robust customized training programs for employees

- Supervising on-the-job training as well as classroom training progress

- Utilizing mobile forms for workplace inspections and skills verification

- Managing contractors in real-time

Download PDF for Enhanced Workforce Development with TPC Fusion

Recorded October 8th, 2020

Measurement Tools for HVAC Technicians and How to Use Them

HVAC technicians use a variety of tools to troubleshoot and understand the operation of the air conditioning systems they work on. Join TPC Training for this free public webinar that will cover some of the most useful tools for an HVAC technician and how to use them. We will discuss:
- HVAC pressure gauges
- Temperature measurement devices
- P-T Charts
- Humidity measurement devices
- Other tools of the trade

Download PDF for Measurement Tools for HVAC Technicians and How to Use Them

Recorded September 17th, 2020 

Learning Electrical Troubleshooting in a Virtual Environment

How can electrical workers practice electrical troubleshooting, without putting themselves at risk of electrical shock as they learn the basics? Join TPC Training for this free public webinar where we discuss how to test electrical troubleshooting skills in a virtual environment where mistakes can be made and lessons can be learned in a safe and convenient environment. We will discuss:
- The details of the virtual electrical troubleshooting environment
- How to systematically test voltage inside of an electrical panel, within the virtual environment
- How to find faults in an electrical system, using the virtual environment
- What the future holds for technical training in a virtual environment

Download PDF for Learning Electrical Troubleshooting in a Virtual Environment

Recorded September 10th, 2020

2021 NFPA 70E Changes: A Live Discussion

The 2021 version of the NFPA 70E Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace will be released this year. Join TPC Training for a free public live panel discussion with electrical experts as we discuss the latest changes to the NFPA 70E standard. We will discuss:
- A highlight of changes in the 2021 NFPA 70E
- The core concept for any electrical worker to understand NFPA 70E
- Overview of the latest PPE and worker protection guidelines PD

Download PDF for 2021 NFPA 70E Changes

Recorded August 20th, 2020

[In Spanish] 2021 NFPA 70E Changes: A Live Discussion

La versión 2021 de la norma NFPA 70E para seguridad eléctrica en el lugar de trabajo se lanzará este año. Únase a TPC Training para una discusión pública gratuita del panel en vivo con expertos en electricidad mientras discutimos los últimos cambios a la norma NFPA 70E.

Con una tematica de:
- Lo más destacado de los cambios en el 2021 NFPA 70E
- Concepto básico para que cualquier trabajador del rubro electrico entienda NFPA 70E
- Descripción general de las últimas pautas de protección contra los riesgos de la electricidad para los trabajadores y EPP

Descargar PDF para los cambios de NFPA 70E de 2021

Grabado el 20 de agosto de 2020

Building a Maintenance Training Program at Your Facility: Where Do You Start? 

It's difficult to make room for training, especially in a fast-paced, constantly-changing maintenance environment. While building knowledge and skills in the maintenance department is always a goal at an organization, it's sometimes difficult to implement this vision. This free webinar discusses some good first steps in rolling out a strong and lasting maintenance training program. Items discussed:
- What are some good foundations to have before rolling out a training program?
- What documentation is recommended for a strong program?
- How can organizations make training programs lasting and sustainable?
- How do we know whether the training program is effective?

Download PDF for Building a Maintenance Training Program at Your Facility

Recorded August 13, 2020

Falls and Electrical Hazards: The Double Dangers of Maintenance

Maintenance activities and personnel who perform them are exposed to numerous workplace hazards that can lead to severe injuries and death. Among them, falls and electrical hazards present their own unique challenges regarding hazard recognition, mitigation, and training. Beyond regulatory compliance, there are specific industry consensus standards that can guide employers through the many challenges of developing and implementing effective fall protection and electrical safety programs, and clearly define common roles and requirements associated with those programs.

This presentation was co-hosted by PlantServices and was presented by Paul Colangelo, STSC, CHST, CIT, CRIS, President, PJC Safety Services, LLC.

Topics include

  • Common workplace hazards
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Industry consensus standards
  • Training programs

Download PDF for Falls and Electrical Hazards

Recorded July 22, 2020

Understanding the Refrigeration Cycle as an HVAC Technician

When troubleshooting an air conditioning system, one of the most important skills an HVAC technician can have is understanding the refrigeration cycle. In this webinar, we break down the working parts of the refrigeration cycle and how it translates to the operation of an air conditioning system. Topics discussed includes:

- Core components of the refrigeration cycle and their location
- Understanding of heat transfer throughout the air conditioning system
- Understanding the relationship between temperature and pressure
- Understand the terms of superheat and subcooling
- Best practices for troubleshooting an air conditioning system, using an understanding of the refrigeration cycle

Download PDF for Understanding the Refrigeration Cycle as an HVAC Technician

Recorded: July 16, 2020

5 Best Practices for Managing Contractor Safety and Reducing Risk

Many organizations rely on outside contractors to perform onsite functions and responsibilities. While there are benefits to working with contractors, there are also risks if they aren’t managed properly. Attend this webinar to understand why contractors present unique challenges, and how to proactively plan for a safe and productive environment. Information covered in this webinar will include:

• OSHA expectations and work-related incidents
• Unique facility limitations and processes
• Technology tools and how they reduce risk

Recorded: June 25, 2020

Understanding Multimeter Measurements for Electrical Troubleshooting

In this technical webinar, TPC Training explores the readings of an electrical multimeter when electrical troubleshooting. In this webinar, we discuss AC and DC voltage readings, Ohm readings, and Ampere readings using the amp clamp, and how to interpret their readings when measuring electrical control panels. Does a "0" voltage reading mean the circuit is de-energized? What does "OL" mean on the resistance setting?

Recorded: June 11, 2020

Blending Self-guided and Virtual Instructor-led Training for Enhanced Digital Learning

Organizations may often face the challenge of training their employees remotely through a computer or internet connection. How can organizations maximize learning and retention and create a comprehensive training program using only digital computer-based formats? How can supervisors track the progress of multiple employees with different job roles? In this free public webinar, we will discuss how to build a training program by blending two formats used in digital training: Self-guided training, and virtual instructor-led training. We will discuss the differences in the formats and how to utilize their differences to create a robust learning experience for employees.

Recorded: May 28, 2020

Building Skills in Virtual Training Through Interactive Activities

Building real-world skills is one of the highest priorities for organizations looking to provide technical training to their employees.  Is it possible to build skills in the virtual online format?  This webinar explains interactive activities that can be used in the virtual format to build skills for technical trades, such as Electrical, HVAC, and Mechanical professions. Topics include interactive troubleshooting activities, table-top equipment exercises, screen remote control exercises, and methods for promoting interactive discussion. 
Recorded: May 14, 2020

Best Practices in Virtual Training - A Live Panel Discussion

Is it possible to hold intensive training over the internet for such highly technical topics as electrical, mechanical, or HVAC maintenance? How can hands-on skills such as troubleshooting, safety, or meter measurement be developed in a remote online environment? Please join TPC’s panel of experts, as they discuss the latest in technical training in the new era of remote learning.

Recorded: April 30th, 2020

Training Needs Evaluation (TNE) in Your Workplace

Sometimes organizations can find themselves in a situation where their training program needs an overhaul. Or, they may have never had a formal training program in place and need help developing a plan. In many cases, the path forward can be unclear. This webinar defines a Training Needs Evaluation (TNE), and how it can benefit your organization. The webinar explains what the TNE process looks like, who needs to be involved, and how long it takes. 

Recorded: April 23rd, 2020

Best Practices for Skills Verification in your Workplace

Many jobs throughout the industry require specialized skills, many of them very technical in nature. These skills can make or break the productivity and effectiveness of a company. It’s important for organizations to verify that classroom, online, and on-the-job training achieves its goal of gaining these critical skills. The goal of this webinar is to discuss the best practices for skills verification, and the different forms that skills verification can take.

Recorded: March 19th, 2020

Annual EHS Housekeeping - Is Your Company in Compliance?

This webinar focuses on company compliance for EHS and making sure you're company is up to date.

Recorded: February 20th, 2020

Building a Qualified HVAC Technician Program at your Facility

What does it take to be a "qualified person" to perform HVAC technician work in your facility? How do you know if you're qualified? And who determines whether you or your employees are qualified to do HVAC Technician work in your facility? The purpose of this public webinar session to breakdown what it means to be qualified and how to set up a program for qualified HVAC technicians in your facility.

Recorded: January 16th, 2020

Building a Qualified Electrical Worker Program at your Facility

This webinar breaks down what it means to be qualified and how to set up a program for qualified electrical workers in your facility.

Recorded: December 12th, 2019

Effective Safety Culture: Why Contractor Inclusion Matters

This webinar focuses on the critical points of contractor and temp worker inclusion into an effective company safety culture.

Recorded: October 24th, 2019

Using On the Job Training to Verify your Training Investment

After classroom training has been completed, how can you verify that your employees have learned the valuable skills they need to succeed in their jobs? This webinar will discuss the best practices for structuring an on-the-job training (OJT) program that can verify the skills and knowledge gained during classroom training. We will discuss how mobile technology can assist with OJT in the 21st century.

Recorded: October 3rd, 2019

2020 National Electrical Code Webinar: Chat with the Experts

This free public webinar is dedicated to answering your questions about the 2020 National Electrical Code being released this year. What changes are included this year? Will certain changes apply to your workplace? What are some of the new electrical installation requirements? Tune in to this free public webinar to interact with our live panel of experts and get your questions answered! 

Recorded: September 26th, 2019

The Benefits of Mobile Forms for EHS Programs

Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) program documents are a critical element of any employer EHS program. However, documentation, disorganization, or lack of records can be a critical point of gap failure. The pitfalls of using paper documentation for critical programs often cause confusion for employers in sorting out what is required and beneficial. In this webinar, you will learn how mobile form software assists in organizing and adding value for your organization in solving these common issues of running an EHS program.

Recorded: August 14th, 2019

Electric Motors - Troubleshooting & Understanding

This webinar is all about electric motors and how to get a better understanding of them. We'll work through some very basic troubleshooting techniques and work through some of the common problems you may face.

Recorded: August 2nd, 2019

5 Ways Mobile Forms Can Accelerate  Performance & Productivity Webinar

Mobile Forms can super-charge your data collection, reporting accuracy, and ability to identify trends. See how mobile forms can deliver online and offline access to critical operational documentation and can provide real-time data aggregation and reporting on safety, compliance, time, and quality KPI’s.

Recorded: June 5th, 2019

Basics of Pump Repair Maintenance

Updated for 2019 -  This 1-hour webinar looks at the basics of pump repair and maintenance. TPC Training instructor Wade Heisler guides you through some common troubleshooting techniques and how to keep your pumps running smoothly. He'll also take your questions. 

Recorded: April 19th, 2019

HAZWOPER Training - Is it Right For Your Facility

Do you know if your workforce needs Hazardous Waste Operator (HAZWOPER) training? What worksites require the certification? Is your certification expired? TPC Training's HAZWOPER certification and training expert will outline these requirements and help you know "when", "what", "where", and "how" to make sure you and your team are OSHA compliant.

Recorded: April 3rd, 2019

Value of Blended Curriculum Training

There are a lot of options to get your employees trained, but which is right for you?  TPC Training's Ryan Smith guides you through different training formats and how employees learn.  You'll have a better understanding of how to make the most of your training budget and the time you have to train employees.

Recorded: March 20th, 2019

Variable Frequency Drives

VFDs are a huge part of any facility.  Combining electrical and mechanical technologies as well as software, VFDs provide a little bit of everything.  This webinar introduces you to the basics of VFD.

Recorded: October 29th, 2018

Programmable Logic Controllers

We review the basics of PLCs - often referred to the beating heart of any manufacturing facility.

Recorded: September 21st, 2018

Systematic Troubleshooting

This webinar is all about troubleshooting. We'll discuss troubleshooting strategies for both electrical and mechanical problems as well as discussing tips and tricks and helpful advice.

Recorded: August 10th, 2018

Advances in PPE For Electrical Safety

This second part of our 2 part electrical safety webinar series focuses on personal protective equipment (PPE). We'll take a deeper dive into the types of gear you should be using in different tasks.

Recorded: July 13th, 2018

Electrical Safety Planning and Techniques, including Arc Flash

In this webinar, the first of a 2 part series looking closely at electrical safety, we'll dive into planning and techniques to be used to mitigate electrical accidents. We'll take a look at arc flash analysis also. This is a great webinar for anyone trying to proactively avoid electrical accidents before they happen and keep their employees safe.

Recorded: June 22nd, 2018

The Hidden Value of Maintenance and Measuring Training Effectiveness

In this webinar, TPC Training Instructor Kurt Brizendine examines basic maintenance fundamentals including the hidden value of maintenance i.e. is training a cost or an investment? We'll discuss general maintenance practices and highlight some troubleshooting basics.

Recorded: May 18th, 2018

An Overview of the Latest NEC Changes

The National Electrical Code changes every 3 years and managing that change can be challenging to facilities and buildings. This 1 hour webinar highlights some of the major changes in the most recent code change and discusses how it can affect your facility.

Recorded: May 16th, 2018

How Performance Support Changes the Game for Operator Training

In this webinar, TPC dives into the issue of operator support. the session explores how information needs to be at least 3 clicks or 10 seconds away to be affective towards supporting machine operator issues and maintenance.

Recorded: April 26th, 2018

Basics of Standby Generators and Emergency Power

Power outages are often not the fault of the facility but still happen. Local construction mistakes and weather can have an adverse effect on your facility and your customers. This webinar will help you understand how to mitigate the hassles involved in power outages, what you can do to provide backup emergency power and we'll introduce you to uninterruptible power supply systems.

Recorded: February 16th, 2018

Solar Power Basics

Utilizing renewable energy sources can be a great opportunity for facilities to cut costs. At the forefront of that is photovoltaic energy aka solar power. But there are unique challenges related to that. TPC Trainco instructor and electrical engineer Ryan Smith will guide you through the basics of solar power and the unique challenges it presents.

Recorded: January 19th, 2018

Controlling Maintenance Resources

This one hour webinar will look at achieving cost reductions by utilizing resources more efficiently and reducing downtime. We'll examine 5-S methodology, total productive maintenance, process and equipment effectiveness, and basics of planning and scheduling. TPC Trainco instructor Brett Smith will guide you through making sure you have the knowledge needed to get started.

Recorded: December 11th, 2017

Basic Pump Maintenance Strategies & Techniques

Join our webinar as Wade Heisler, TPC Training instructor, has he dives into maintenance technicians' responsibilities for pump specification, installation, and operating efficiency at their facility.

Recorded: July 26th, 2017

Life after an OSHA Violation

Join our webinar that breaks down what to do after getting a citation from The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) because it isn't the end of the world.

Recorded: April 27th, 2017

Arc Flash Analysis and NFPA 70E Compliance

Examine the basics of arc flash analysis in this handy webinar.

Recorded: June 9th, 2016

How to Avoid OSHA Violations

Take a look at our webinar as Bob Clukey walks through common OSHA violations that facilities face & tips to avoid them.

Recorded: May 25th, 2016

Boiler Safety, Operation and Procedures

Join our webinar as our TPC training instructor Tim McDaniel guides us through the basics of boiler operation safety.

Recorded: September 21st, 2015


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